Saturday, February 27, 2010

Footbag Clubs that don't host annual events are missing the point!

I propose that every footbag club should offer a footbag tournament every year. Thats right, I said it. If you are running a footbag club and you don't host an event, then you really ought to consider hosting one.

When I think of the 'tournament' circuit in the US, I think it has a lot to be desired. There need to be more tournaments, and any club that is serious about the sport should be offering a tournament every year! At least one. They don't have to be elaborate sponsored events that cost a lot of money to produce. They just need to happen. The events don't have to be a multiple-day deal, they can be single day tournaments. We need to offer more opportunity to compete in footbag in the US to be taken seriously as a sport. Don't get me wrong, I take this sport very seriously. I host several events in Chicago every year that are competitions, jams and an opportunity to do youth outreach and expose our wonderful sport to anyone who is interested.

Kudos to those who do offer tournaments! That is GREAT for the sport, we just need more of them.

If you want to learn tips and techniques for hosting footbag events, keep reading this blog, as those topics are coming up! I just wanted to bitch and moan about how many clubs there are vs. how many tournaments are offered. If there was ANYONE within 200 miles of Chicago that hosted a footbag event, and posted it on, I would make it my business to be at that event. You have my support. If you want assistance getting started, contact me directly through this blog. Thanks!

Shred notes: 2/27/10
Pulled a muscle dishonorably in the back of my right leg yesterday. Dishonorable because it didn't happen playing footbag, it happened because I kept having to get under the tables at my newly remodeled place of work to re-wire the place, and one time when I went to stand up... I felt the pull. I was able to skool plenty of cross-body stuff, but it really hurts when I do pixie/fairy moves off the right toe. Also hard to do the 'snapping' motion at the end of the paradox whirl and then still land properly, for instance. I worked on plenty of double spinning osis, and it took a long time to warm up, but I got a good sweat in and generally happy with my performance.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thunder & Lightning were original (and better) names for Pixie and Fairy

When Greg Nelson and I were taking one of our many road trips back in the early 90's (may have been the late '80s), we used to theorize about footbag. Surprise. Of course, we both eat, drink, sleep and dream footbag and have for many years. We were freestyle rivals turned partners who drove to middle ground, about 2.5 hours drive each, to meet and shred just about every weekend in Kalamazoo, MI where Steve "Kozmo" Kremer (inducted into the 3rd wave of BAP) used to go to skool. Greg is from Ann Arbor and I'm from Chicago.

On one trip where we drove together somewhere unknown, we theorized about dexterity that could be done before a trick. We knew it could be done, but neither of us had completed it yet. We thought that if we set off of a toe, we could do a dex in either direction from either foot and we even gave them names. MUCH better names than they actually were given once people actually started to do them. We called them "Thunder" and "Lightning". They ended up being called Pixie and Fairy.

Imagine how much cooler a trick name would be if it were Thunderous Whirl vs. Fairy Whirl for instance. Lightning Osis vs. Pixie Osis. Damn did we miss the boat on that one. Who is responsible for naming them Pixie and Fairy anyway?

If I was on TV describing the trick names, I wouldn't dare mention Pixie and Fairy moves as I would be embarrassed. I'd go with Blurriest or Symposium Tricks as they have cool names. But it is too late to change the names of the tricks now, too bad too.

Historically, if you do the trick first you can name it. Our mistake was not believing in ourselves enough to pull the car over and try those tricks on the spot. We both knew the concepts were HUGE, we didn't have any idea how huge. There are SO MANY tricks that use Fairy and Pixie sets and every one of them could benefit from a better name. Like Corpse Grinder is the coolest name for a toe delay, Thunder and Lightning are such better names for Pixie and Fairy. Oh well.

Shred notes: 2/26/10
Almost hit fairy barfly (triple dex). Would have been lightning barfly (see above). :-(
Very difficult to be productive in shredding when feeling down. Have been riding emotional roller coaster lately. I WILL succeed though, eventually. On MY terms, not anyone elses. I am willing to shift, not change. If people around me can't accept me for what I am, then tough shit. I'm me and I ain't changing. Thats just the way it is. If it takes forever, so be it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bikram Shredding

Bikram Yoga is a vigorous style of yoga done in a room set to 105 degrees fahrenheit. While playing in extreme heat in the summer is a challenge that requires a delicate mix of hydration, training and insanity. Playing in my living room in extreme heat is another thing.

Most people have control over the temperature of their home. I live in a condo where the heat is either on or off. When the heat goes on, without my control, our radiators kick into high gear. And since we live in the bottom unit, all the building pipes are routed through our house. We get double the heat. To top it off, our radiator in the washroom is bleeding steam and totally out of control. It is usually very hot in my home. We typically regulate the heat by opening windows when it becomes unbearable. We call it "Oppressive Heat".

When I shred at home in my living room, I try to time it so I play when the heat is off. However, when I play early morning or sometimes when I get the urge, it is during a hot-cycle. When I play in the extreme heat of my home, I call it Bikram Shredding.

I sure get warm fast in this kind of heat, and while I am unreasonable in my commitment to shred every day, the challenge is to keep playing hard for over an hour in a small space, and to accomplish something great in the process. Sweating profusely in my living room has a down-side though, my 65" TV tends to get drops of sweat on it from my spinning. Oh well, just another thing to clean.

Shred Notes: 2/24/10
Nothing spectacular to speak of. Skooled the hell out of flip-side Blender, felt like Brian McKenzie doing blenders back to back all over the place. This is significant because I have a tendency to pull a Dyno when I intend to do a Blender on my flip. Getting better at the flip Blender. Yeah!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Lavers need tough love to break in...

(Note: New trick... Zulu Soliosis) I usually break in my new Lavers over a 3 month period, but this time I waited too long to start breaking them in and I need to accelerate the process. When I wait too long, my current shred shoes are in complete disarray. The soles are worn thru, they have cracks in the sole and they have worn out somewhat unevenly, which is very noticable as I switch from new to old Lavers. Anyway, I wore them to work, except they have slate floors at work and they are as smooth as a baby's ass and provide no friction whatsoever. My double secret hallway locations are polished concrete, arguably the only flooring surface smoother than Italian slate... and to make matters worse, there is dust on the polished concrete surface. Aargh!

So yesterday I also wore them outside on the concrete. I did my 2nd jam out on a rough brick patio called Riverwalk in Naperville. I should have brought gloves, because if my hands were warm I could have lasted more than 45 minutes for sure. The ground was gritty and I could feel the shine wearing off of the bottom of my shoes. What I didn't calculate correctly was the impending snow storm. The weather guy was right about the start time, 4:00 but it ended up to be only 5 inches, not 10. I invited Valeria and Alex to lunch, and when we got done eating my shiny new shoes met snow and slush for the first time. My jeans got wet and transferred plenty of grit to the shoes. They are no longer shiny and new, but they are one day closer to being shred-ready. I know Lon Smith says to sand them down with a belt-sander, but I'm not that capable with tools, I'll use the old fashioned way, and break them in myself!

For my 2nd jam today, I'm going to rough up the new lavers again at the same brickwork area in Riverwalk with fliers and scuffing exercises. I don't care if it is snowing, I'll play under the overhang.

Shred notes: 2/22/2010 and 2/23/2010
On the 22nd, I was back at my double secret shred location in Oakbrook. Filmed Splendor, with mixed results. Skooled all kinds of unusual surface content, focusing on Soliosis, spinning soliosis and of course Splendor (Sblender is really a blender ending in X-body sole, still not sure if I should spell it with a P or a B.)

On the 23rd, I had to shred early AM as there is no where to shred in the wintertime without being in the cold in Naperville, short of joining a club. 50 degrees is my realistic threshold, as above that I can do shorts and t-shirt, below that I really need to be indoors. My morning shred wasn't really productive, except to say that I did hit a new trick today! Zulu Soliosis. Really makes the body look funny, but satisfying anyway!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tips on playing in the early morning...

Recently I had written about the trials and whining tribulations of shredding in the early morning hours. I have been forced to play early again, as another new location is where I'll be all week for my normal 'work' day. Not knowing I can play at 'lunch' (recess) and knowing there is snow this week, I had to go for the early shred schedule.

A few things I want to remember about early morning shreds... maybe you'll find them useful too!

1) Take a shower before playing, just to wake up. That helps as it mimics my usual routine. I always feel better after a shower.
2) Do more stretching than usual. I usually stretch during and after a jam, but it seems to help to stretch for the early morning jams.
3) When I go back to my basic warm-up strings, not the new fancy strings I've been working on, I seem to get warmed up faster.
4) It will take longer to warm up, allow extra time to 'feel warm'.
5) Shred for a longer session than usual seems to feel more satisfying. I went for an hour and 15 minutes today, which felt much better at the end of the session, than at the beginning.

Felt better today with the early morning shreds becoming necessary to continue my streak. There are no excuses that are honorable, so I had to find a way to get my shred on!

Thanks for listening!

Shred notes: 2/21/09
Skooled plenty of unusuals, and blurr/blizzard combos with atomic endings. I want to videotape "Storque" so I can publicize it. Hit Storque-osis-Storque in one string. Gonna shred fliers today at the Riverwalk!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Paul Blart situation...

Winter in Chicago makes it more challenging to kick on a daily basis. It removes the entire outdoors as possible shred sites. I am fortunate to have found some great spots to shred at, and I really don't notice how good I have it until the situation deteriorates. Case in point, my temporary assignment at a location far, far away from my normal universe. I have been playing in the early morning hours to ensure a good jam that will continue my string of 1156 shred days in a row, which is another challenge all its own. Even though I shredded in the early hours, 5am, I still tried to get a casual kick in at 'lunch' (recess). So I go outside the mall by the bus stop, and within 20 minutes, the local Paul Blart analog 'busted' me. He said because they don't allow skateboarders, that I can't kick there. Clearly I was a public safety disaster waiting to happen, as my 28 years of playing has resulted in so many (0) injuries of passersby. I used to kick on Michigan Avenue every day, but I can't kick in an empty bus stop. After I looked around and saw no skateboarders, I suggested that it must then be ok that I kick there. Then I told him I was going to go kick somewhere he won't find me, and I walked to the old abandoned theater in the out-lot and practiced fliers in blue-jeans, where even the regular police left me alone. Later that day I was told of a back hallway I should try.

So on the 18th, I went to this new double secret place in the mall and had a GREAT shred! Plenty of room in the hallway here, few interruptions, no visits from paul blart.

Now I'm confident I'll get a great shred today, I can't wait!

Shred Notes: 2/17-18/10
Phobic barrage! Hit it on 17th, will film it soon. Also more basic phobic set mirage completions from flip side. Amazed at how consistent my osis to soliosis on both sides is. Skooling osis-ripwalk-osis-osis-ripwalk as warm up strings now, just about everyday. Also twirl to ripwalk is getting very easy on both sides too. Long strings! Great strings today, especially for small space. Tons of blur and pixie mirage stuff today. Blur to Juggle seamless.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shredding early is better than not shredding at all!

I'm a big fan of getting to work early and getting home early. I don't mind getting up early, I like it. I have a pretty good routine that gets me off to work on time, but still gives me plenty of coffee and time to do the dishes. I rarely kick when I get up early in the morning, but today I did. I am working at a place where I can't be sure to have a place to shred at lunch, so I kicked this morning solidly, and again at lunch for fun. The morning jam sessions feel more like a workout than later in the day, like I am forcing it. Especially the warm up part.

I know that cyclists and runners get up early and do their 'workouts' first thing in the day. There are a couple of reasons why I try to play later in the day when possible. First, I am more comfortable kicking and enjoy it more in late morning. Secondly, when I play with people who come in from out of town, or with local shredders, it is usually later in the afternoon. I wouldn't want to habituate to kicking early, and make afternoon shreds more difficult.

I would rather kick early to keep the rally going, than miss out because of my work location. That is not a good enough excuse.

Shredding early is better than not shredding at all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Trick? Blender ending in cross-body sole? "Splendor"

In the process of working on Whirr sets, I realized it is the perfect set to do a blender ending in a cross-body sole! Hit it my first two tries. Has anyone hit Blender ending in X-body sole? I call it "Splendor," that is if I have the right to name it. I think it is a perfect name. I'll film it and post it soon. I love this sport.

Shred notes: 2/15/10
Got two jams in today. Skooled the hell out of soliosis, both sides. Small area, living room cluttered, still had some good strings. I don't know what made me do the 2nd session, just felt like it. And as it turned out, that was when I hit the first "Splendor" tricks. Side note, during the second jam, felt the lower back pain I have been getting every morning if I sleep more than 6 hours. Solution, don't sleep more than 6 hours at a time.

I would hire footbag shredders in a second!

Footbag Freestyle Shredders make great employees! Here's why:
The sport of footbag freestyle offers unique technical challenges that require quite a bit of effort to surpass. Players must learn the basic kicks and basic tricks. They must be self-motivated to get to the point of proficiency, and they must push themselves to achieve the next level play. They are detail oriented, because every minutiae must be considered. When they innovate a new trick, they are leading by example. They must persevere through countless hours of training. Footbag freestylers do all of this, not for the promise of fame and fortune, but for the personal satisfaction that they have achieved something that not too many others on the planet can perform. Footbag freestylers play well with others! They mentor their peers, encouraging greatness and offering suggestions to help others (even their competition) to improve. Shredders rise to the challenge of the day, because their friends make suggestions and the players attempt to achieve. Shredders are constantly improving themselves and getting better at their game. Shredders must get in front of people, and perform their art under the pressure of being judged.

Punctuality would be my only concern, but I believe that once a shredder is hired, and committed to the job, they would see that punctuality is one element in success and they would be able to get to work on time.

My footbag career came up in a recent interview, and I hope they saw the parallels of self-motivation, detail-oriented, perseverance, leadership, mentoring, self-improvement and confidence in group performance. I know that if I was looking for employees, anyone who has achieved greatness in a sport as difficult as footbag freestyle would be a shoe-in for any position.

Shred notes: 2/14/10
Blurry symposium twirl on both sides. Felt very clean too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics or not, I still wish I could have been there!

I love the Olympics! It is such an open, fun place to be. There is an energy at the Olympics, generated by the atmosphere of internationalism, literally because sports fans from all over the world descend on this single location for the purpose of creating a historical event. It really is something to do. I really wish I could go to more of them.

I often go to the 'tabletop show' of large running and triathalon events to get a dose of this energy. As there is a similar, albeit less intense, 'athlete vibe'. These shows are also a great place to see what companies are sponsoring events, in the pipedream hope that I can get new sponsors for our upcoming events.

There is something about putting that many athletes and fans into a small area which generates the sensation that something great is going to happen. So much more so than when going to a baseball game, or football game.

I want to do a better job of planning for the next Olympics in London 2012. As for any of my friends who are in the Vancouver area, I would say you are CRAZY if you are not spending every spare moment at the Olympic Venues. I am sure there are public indoor areas that would be suitable to shred at. The appreciation we felt from the audiences on the streets in Atlanta '96 was palpable. Shred in public, and what better place to show off at, than the Olympics... where everyone there appreciates athletic talent.

Shred notes: 2/13/10
Almost hit Blazing Twirl today. Also working on my 'swirls' which I always apparently have been doing reverse swirls all this time. I hit Reverse Twirl today too, but it really feels 'the'.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Footbag Experience... '96 Atlanta (Camera Magnets)

When we were invited to Adidas Haus in Atlanta to do footbag demonstrations for the officially sponsored Olympic athletes of Adidas, we were thrilled. It turns out that it may have been the experience of a lifetime!

As the Olympics are about to start tonight in Vancouver, I was thinking about our experience back in 1996, before our son was born. Cory Current was a promising freestyler, we picked him up a few hours late in Chilecothe in the middle of a flood. Cory's uncle lived just outside Atlanta and was willing to put us up in his spare room for the 4 nights we were there. We drove a few miles to a subway each day and took the train into the city. We were surprised to see the bomb-sniffing dogs and military with machine guns as we entered from so far away, but that is what it is like at the olympics. We felt our car should be safe, even though we didn't know the neighborhood.

Oh, a side note, we had a blast at this giant bump near Cory's uncles house. Stone Mountain was the catalyst for our obsession of pin-collecting. At the top of this strange bump in the east side of Atlanta, we met a Japanese guy who was 'crazy for pin-trading' and he saw Valeria's 'Kodak Olympic 1992' pin. He traded us the Nagasaki pin for the '98 Winter Olympics which turns out to be a really good trade, especially since we have another of the Kodak pins still in our collection. We have since expanded into Disney pins, and look forward to another shot at Olympic pin trading. It totally sucks that we didn't win the olympics in Chicago 2016, but it would be nice to go to Rio.

When we got downtown we experienced 'hotlanta' at its best. We got settled at Adidas Haus, a large facility maintained by Adidas for use during the NSGA Trade show and the Olympics. I wonder if it is still there? They had rooms for VIP's, party areas, decks, group meeting rooms and a secure area with all the goods for the athletes downstairs. When we were at Adidas Haus, they would have us playing footbag in the areas where the party was going on. We were the entertainment, and the athletes loved us. The Haus provided us with Adidas clothing, all we could eat in the way of food (as food was otherwise very expensive and not-so-good at the vendors) and we really put on a show. It was where we first crossed paths with David Hasselhoff, and where we had previously held the World Cup in our hands, and met soccer greats Alexi Lalos and Hans Mueller, but that is another story.

When we went out to the public areas of the Olympics and shredded, we were met with stares of amazement from onlookers of all cultures. More importantly we were video camera magnets. I estimate we were shown on tv in over 30 countries, because every time we shredded in a public place, the video cameras from around the world would come to us and shoot from all angles, and we could see in their eyes the appreciation for the coordination and athletic prowess we showed in such a unique and unknown sport. One of the places we kicked was in front of the Swatch booth, just a day before the bomb went off.

We drove home and when we got home is when we heard about the bomb going off. What a bummer, because it was the greatest experience until then. I bet after we left, the whole vibe of international coolness was gone, not because we left but because of the unknown bomber and the thoughts that maybe it wasn't an isolated incident.

Thanks to my wife Valeria for encouraging me for all these years, to Cory Current for coming with us, to Cory's uncle for housing us, and to John Stalberger for making the Adidas contact for us in the first place.

Shred notes: 2/12/10
Tons of swirls and butterfly swirls today. Strange how some tricks are sooooo much harder than others of lower add value. Case in point, 'spinning cross body rake' is 4 adds, but soooo much harder than the 'spinning butterfly rake' which is 5 adds. A strong argument for giving add values in the tenths so we can have a 4.9 up against a 5.0 (a difficult 4 would balance better against an easy 5).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Worlds Smallest Flier... Flying Twirl

When I do a flying trick, the goal is always to contact the footbag as high in the air as possible. Arguably, the first trick ever done with a modern day footbag was a flying trick... Flying Clipper (incorrectly referred to as the 'Jester' as popularized by a late 80's Video Game called California Games).

This one is called the Flying Twirl, but it is really more like a twirling flying clipper, maybe a good street name would be Twipper. I am probably the only person who cares about this, because so many players dismiss flying tricks from their day-to-day, as well as their performances. Mostly because they are generally 'low-add' tricks, and also because the high-add variety of flying tricks are VERY difficult to link with other difficult tricks.

But any new acquisition is worth mentioning, and here it is. Do a regular Twirling motion, but instead of easing into an opp osis, I leap a tiny leap and snap at the footbag with the other foot. When done correctly, it results in the upward motion of the footbag for which I have so far only been able to produce an osis afterwards. I'll get it on film someday soon.

Shred Notes: 2/10/10
Hit tons of Whirls ending in X-body Sole. Not sure if they have a street name but I'm gonna call them Schwirls What is neat about the Schwirl is that the dex happens on the way up, which allows plenty of time to catch the x-body sole. What is neater about the dex happening on the way up is that hopefully someday I'll hit double whirl (or Whirr, I believe). This upward dexing whirl could be useful for other tricks, but I'm drawing a blank on that now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

9.8 meters per second squared (or 'Snowflakes')

Footbag freestyle is a living workshop on Physics combined with Physiology. Terminal Velocity of a falling object is 9.8 meters per second squared. That is one of the few things I remember from high-school physics class. I don't know why that stuck, but it did. I quote Wikipedia: "An object falling toward the surface of the Earth will fall 9.81 meters (or 32.18 feet) per second faster every second (an acceleration of 9.81 m/s² or 32.18 ft/s²)." I read a few other cool things at wikipedia on this topic, but most of it made my eyes roll into the back of my head.

When I think about how this plays into my footbag game, I am reminded of how I am truly the master of the obvious. Really, footbag players don't have to deal with footbags at Terminal Velocity (for a human, that is about 120mph). We deal in Apex and the beginning part of the 'falling' process. When we set the footbag, we can somewhat control the height of the set by the amount of energy we put into the set, and the Apex is split second when the footbag stops moving in mid air... think about that. Stopped in mid-air, pretty cool. Really, every trick no matter how difficult contains the Upward, Apex and Downward motions. We refer to the motion that starts the whole process as the "Set."

During the Downward portion of the path, the footbag falls at 32.18 feet per second faster... each second! When I think about how that impacts our sport, I am glad I don't EVER kick the footbag over 32 feet high! Even Net players rarely kick it that high, but because of Terminal Velocity our sports are very different. Our brains can compensate for this with enough practice, that is why not everyone can be an outfielder in professional baseball... it is a learned skill. Footbag deals primarily with the first 5 feet of downward acceleration, which tells me that I have had a lot of practice learning about the path of a footbag because almost every set is the same. Ironically though, they are all unique and I dare say that no two sets are the same. The point in space where the footbag is located at any given moment is only accurately portrayed using X, Y and Z coordinates. Even though I have done literally MILLIONS of sets, I don't think any of them were the same.

By my math, after the Apex, a footbag set at four feet would take 1/8 of a second to fall. So while most tricks have a set height of under 4 feet, that means that most of the trick happens VERY quickly after the Apex. It is amazing how many body motions can be put into such a small amount of time. I mean, I love playing and improving, but look at the last two world champions in the sport and how many micro-motions they put into the strings they do. They are truly pushing the edge. Insane.I think I'll stop now, because I am very impressed with myself and all my fellow shredders.

Shred notes: 2/6/10
Hit Blurry Symposium Whirling Cross Body Rake (7 adds) on film (somewhat thin)... hit it on my first try, pre-camera much more solidly. Also hit Blurry Whirling X-Body Rake on both sides in the same string. SWEET! Tons of rake strings today. Raked the hall.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Settled: Old dogs can learn new tricks (and combos)

I'm not old, I'm just aging. I hit another pretty unique trick today, I call it 'Storque', it is a torque ending in x-body sole. Proving once again, that aging dogs can not only learn new tricks, but invent them too!

Over the past 1143 days, and the 23 years before that, I have learned from so many great players, taken that physical ability and built upon it. By working on soliosis, and in the same jam, skooling my pixie and fairy sets, my mind put together pixie-soliosis (which might be new too). From there it occurred to me that it should be possible from a clipper set, and Storque was born. Now Storque might not be new, but it is new to me. I have never seen anyone do it, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done. BTW, I hit it on both sides many times and once on both sides in the same string.

I believe I can achieve, and therefore I do achieve!
And I never know what I will get, but it just comes to me when I'm in the zone. I love this sport!

Thanks to all the great players who have inspired me over the years, and to all the current players who continue to amaze! Keep it up!

See ya!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Freestyle Routines: A Music Map is a guide for development

I like to use different music for each event I perform at. It has been a personal challenge that I could easily wimp out on, but it keeps things fresh and provides a constant challenge for each event.

When I prepare for a footbag event, I first have to decide on the music. I match the average Beats Per Minute that I shred at, with the pace of the music BPM, and find a piece of music that I can hear over and over and over and over again. I prefer music that has at least a few freezes in it, fast paced but a short slow section is okay.

The Music Map comes in when I am ready to figure out the flow of the routine. The Music Map contains a timeline from 0:00 to the end, and tells me which sections of the music are which. For instance:

0:00 - Open with ...
0:26 -Freeze on Xbody Sole
0:54 - Start fliers string
1:21 - Ripwalks / Blur combo

They help me to visualize the music. I even name the sections so I can visualize them by group, and train the groups independently of each other. When doing a routine, if you should malfunction, get off beat or out of sync with the music, it is very helpful to be able to 'get right back into it' at any point in the music, and I think this helps me to recover from potential disasters.

Shred notes: 2/2/10 - 2/3/10
Spinning Symposium Twirl... I got my foot on it twice, more like a slap than a delay. Redirected the footbag but not in a controlled fashion. It is doable though, so close. Getting warmer faster by mixing up my warmup strings. Also more 'interesting' and satisfying jam sessions too.

Monday, February 1, 2010

When what you have isn't enough...

Don't get me wrong, what I have is GREAT! And I think I am not alone in saying, "I want more!"

I want more from my sport, as I hope to continually improve my game. I want to do more outreach projects and workshops with kids and introduce more children to footbag. I am shredding every day, and we already have 3 events in the pipe for this year and pitching several more.

I want to spend as much time with my family as possible. Eat more of my wife's wonderful cooking and have more tickle 'fights' with my son.

I want to produce more videos.

I want to travel more.

I want more money, and my current strategy of waiting for it to find me hasn't happened so while it would be nice to capitalize on our sport, I need to figure out a way to make more dollars while getting closer to all the other things I want.

I want more time.

Shred Notes: 2/8/10
Today was 1145. Spent the whole time working on warm up strings. I was very warm. New combos to use like Spinning BTR to Ripwalk to Spinning BTR repeat.