Friday, October 5, 2012

Prognosis positive for moving forward after 2116 days of shred!

I have been dreading this day for a month now. There have been many bumps in my journey of shredding every single day... like two years ago at my family reunion in Michigan, Valeria and I were practicing outside the hotel, and we showed off our doubles routine to some of our family members and I crashed onto the small of my back. I could barely walk, but I made sure to play through it, and I did. Last year, I had an infection from an ingrown toenail and while it was excruciating painful, I was able to modify my shoes in the way of Daryl 'Genzu' Genz (who cuts the toe area away from the top of the shoe) which took the pressure off of the problem toe.

This time, it is an Osteophyte, or bone spur. It was really starting to hurt when I landed on my right leg after Symposium tricks and when I spun fast and put pressure on the outside of my right foot. Also, when walking around the house barefoot it hurt almost every step on hardwood floors. It was only going to get worse according to doc. Luckily, they were able to do two tiny incisions, go in with a camera and a blade and shaved it away. Minimally invasive is good.

Preemptively, this morning, I worked out early and played hard. I'm supposed to try not to walk for two weeks, so the big problem was coordinating a surgery slot with time off work.

Good news, it is only hours after surgery and I already walk without pain, albeit I have some pain killers available if I need them.

Also, I will continue to play every day, with my next jam being scheduled for tomorrow evening to give it as much time to heal as possible. I'll be kicking in my Genzu shoes. I'll stay off my feet except for shredding, and then, I'll focus on tricks that don't land hard on the right foot.

I have some pent up footage of great new tricks I haven't published before. So on my free time this week, I'll get caught up on my youtube publishing.

I can't film my indoor home workouts until I do some serious cleaning. Right now, I am hoping that tomorrow morning it will feel as good as it does now.

See ya!

2116 Days in a row so far!