Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Packy Sack - Get Colbert to include a footbag in every Super Fun Pack

Hi Friends! The game is on. I am asking your help in building support for our suggestion to Stephen Colbert's Super Pac that he should include a footbag (hacky-sack) in every Super Fun Pack. The footbag would be called a "Super Packy Sack" to rhyme with Hacky Sack and to play off of the Super Pac name. It will be manufactured by Freedom Footbags, and made entirely in America using Red, White and Blue fabric.

Visit our Facebook page, watch our video, and 'Like' it... Encourage your friends to like it too! The Super Fun Pack was introduced on Thursday, March 29th 2012 and will cost $99. It will include a T-Shirt, a dorm sign, an allen wrench and 'many, many more items'. Please support our cause to have a footbag included in every Super Fun Pack.

What could be more appropriate? A footbag for college students to play with in the quad? Perfect!

Support us now! Encourage your friends to take a minute and like us on Facebook!