Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lucky to freestyle with my wife!

When we got married she could barely get 3 kicks in a row. Her Footbag skills have evolved over the years very nicely. She tried her feet at net but the early 90's is when I chose to commit to freestyle and she never could get me to set up a net, so that didn't last long. But she stuck with it, and with me, and here she is 19 years later getting her clipper catches solid and effectively using them as sets for all the toe based tricks she knows. Expanding her game even further!

Seeing the look on her face when she hits that trick she has been working on reminds me of the kind of reaction a child has to achievement. Being there to give her a high-five is icing on the cake. Recently we worked out a doubles keeps string that looks great on video!

Footbag offers a challenging workout with constant potential for accomplishment. Its a kind of glue We are living proof that the family that kicks together, sticks together.

Congratulations Valeria on all you have achieved in your Footbag career! I look forward to many more years of shredding with you!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 2010 - Short String recaps

Bummed that I can't make Worlds2010.  Physically depressed.  But I won't let that stop me.

If I didn't videotape myself at the end of each jam session, I don't think I would remember half of what I accomplish.  This 10 minute movie may bore the uninitiated to death, but for me it is my passion.  I love freestyle footbag, as it continues to challenge both my mind and body!

These videos serve my sense of posterity.  In 20 years, I'll look back at these days in fond memory of how my game has evolved.  I fully expect to be playing freestyle footbag into my 60's, and these will serve as a nice comparison...

High speed subject (me) and new iPhone4 video camera. If I didn't make these videos, I might forget what I hit. Long strings coming tomorrow in separate video. This video contains a trick that is NEW to mankind: Spinning Ducking Xbody Whirling Rake. Seamless Juggles from Blurs, Gyro Mirages and Fairy mirages. Whirling Sole to Symposium whirl. Fairy Ducking Barfly. Blurry Whirling Cross Body Rake. Insane threading strings, including new Sewing Machine sets. Ducking Symposium Whirl. Mobius to Double Osis. Pendulum Sets into torque. (Just hit Pendulum set to paradox drifter today, not on tape yet). Fairy Ducking Cross Body Rake. Among tons of other tricks. More daily.

Shred notes: 7/20/10 - 
Looks like rain today.  Gonna jam outdoors under an overhang.  I am going to film again. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Footbag Parade Crashing!

It was Independence Day, July 4th 2010 in our hometown of Oak Park, IL and we had marched, or shredded, in the parade for the past 5 years running.  Our sponsor was not in the parade this year so we decided to just jump in as the parade gets going and fill in the gap between two floats.  It turned out that we might have been the most energetic and unique entry, and we weren't even officially there.  Check it out!

Later that day, we went to DMB at Alpine Valley and shredded in the parking lot twice and again on the deck waiting for Dave to get on stage.  Then we relaxed.  Total blast of a day.

Shred notes; 7.6.2010
This week was busy, and as I still continue to recover from my self-inflicted toe injury, I have NOT broken my streak.  Today was 1293 in a row!  We did Taste of Chicago last weekend, this weekend we did Los Lonely Boys and Los Lobos concert at Petrillo Bandshell shreds, then the Parade and DMB.  Yesterday at Great America theme park.  Shredded at lunch today, mostly routine stuff.  Can't play music and record video from iphone4 at the same time, no problem, time to whip out the old shuffle!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project - Successful submission of Footbag idea

On behalf of our youth outreach program, Kick for Health, I would like to announce that we have successfully submitted a grant request for the Pepsi Refresh Project to "Help prevent childhood obesity by giving footbags to people we teach!"

Learn about our proposal by watching this video:

Starting August 1, assuming we get approved, the voting begins.  I want to try to use the power of social networking to win this grant, so I am requesting any people with experience in reaching large audiences to please step up and help me with this.  They will give me a specific web page to send you to at that time for voting, and you can vote for 10 things or throw 10 votes at a single idea.  We will need help... watch for further plea's.

Shred notes: 7/1/10
I had a series of doctor appointments where she first sliced my toe and drained a bad infection.  Then it got reinfected.  I DID NOT MISS A DAY OF SHREDDING!  Like I said, no little hangnail is going to stop this streak.  I am now on 1289 days in a row.  I have made a series of video errors, bad lighting, bad focus.  Learning experiences.  Gonna get footage today that is good quality and compare HD to 320p.