Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zippers are Cross-Body toes...

I've been dabbling with cross-body toe delays for a long time.  Only recently did I start hitting them consistently, and only after I had all but gave up on them.  It was a balance and timing thing.

Now after practicing them even more, which always causes some kind of unusual soreness when I try new trick categories, I have uncovered at least 5 iterations of it, and Zippers keep getting better.

In this recent video, I explored Zippers for the first time and showed Reverse Swirling Zipper and Phairy (fairy) Butterfly Zipper.  Since this video, I have hit Blender Zipper, ToeSis (Zipper from op side/behind) and Spinning ToeSis.  I am close to Blurry Zipper and Pixie Opp Zipper.

Today was day 2521 in a row shredding.

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2,500 Days in a row and still going strong!!!

Please watch my new video which summarizes my 2,500 day journey of exercising every day.  Specifically, exercising in Footbag Freestyle, a high-impact aerobic sport that requires focus and dexterity, and provides a constantly challenging, constantly unique athletic experience.

None of this would be possible without the constant support and understanding of my wife and son, who give me the time it takes to play everyday, they tolerate me dominating the computer to do the video editing and publish videos, blog and maintain my website:, they help me with laundry and they feed me.  I could not have maintained this kind of focus over this long of a period of time without their help. THANKS!

Today is 2511 in a row.