Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Now producing 6 video series and Learn Footbag

At least, the proposal is being discussed for a website that offers 6 "Learn Footbag" videos, about 5 minutes each, with IFPA branding:
• History of Footbag
• Basic Kicks of Footbag
• Basic Footbag Freestyle
• Advanced Footbag Freestyle
• Basic Footbag Net
• Advanced Footbag Net
Each will be carefully storyboarded and easy to update for multiple languages.  The History of Footbag  video will be shorter then the others.

Alongside the videos will be links to other learning resources already available online. For instance, our own "Rules of Footbag," "Freestyle Reference" and "Hall of Fame" sites, as well as possible third party sites like footbagnet.com, modified.in, freedomfootbags.com and shredglobal.com to name a few.

These videos will be hosted on YouTube.com and linked from learn.footbag.org in a way that increases the view count on YouTube. Eventually, the videos may have enough hits to monetize, which could translate into real dollars (any profit would go directly to IFPA) for IFPA someday.

I need an upbeat background song for intro and outro, which I am already starting work on. And another, possibly the same, song to cut to during montages. Both without lyrics. It would be especially meaningful if someone from the Footbag community could donate a piece of their work for this purpose. Of course, you would also get credit for your work in the movies.

While it would be nice to have actors, young players that represent the current set of people learning to play Footbag, in order to get started on a low budget I need to be the host, narrator and main example of the video. I will definitely be looking for assistance (footage) on the advanced Freestyle and on both Net videos.

The site will be a great starting point with valuable content, and an excellent jumping off point with great links is all kinds of other learning resources available online.

As Education Director at IFPA, I feel this sub-domain and these videos will serve the organization for a very long time and are worth the effort.

Shred Update: I am on day 2099 today.  I feel great!  My strings are more solid as I have changed the definition of my 'out' string to be so hard that it has pushed me to new difficult strings.  Five fives, trick of the day and seamless juggle intertwined.  I am out of 'film' and need to figure a way to get back to publishing my progress videos.