Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dragon Osis vs. Drag - A Freestyle footbag trick study

Dragon Osis vs. Drag - A Freestyle footbag trick study

Inspired by a visit by Jonathan Schneider in early June (This Week!), I'm moved to study Dragon tricks, of which Jonathan is the worlds foremost scholar.

What I have been calling Dragon Osis for the past 10 years or so is really a "Drag"... the opposite of Osis because it starts in x-body position and carries to regular position, where Osis starts in regular position and ends up in cross body position.

(Music: "Sweetest Little Feeling MIX" by Matt Cross)

From Youtube:
Traditional Dragon leads to Dragon Siso and then to Dragon Osis...
What I always thought was Dragon Osis is really the opposite. Osis starts in regular position and carries/turns *into* cross-body and I have always considered the 'Siso' tricks presented here as Dragon *Osis* trick prior. In this video I also show my first 'actual' Dragon Osis trick. Jonathan Schneider, the worlds leading scholar on Dragon tricks, thinks of *Siso* tricks as the equivalent of a rake, but I think they deserve their own classification.
This video contains:
Whiling Dragon Siso
Butterfly Dragon Siso
Ripwalk Dragon Siso
Fairy Butterfly Dragon Siso
Fairy Same Dragon Siso
Barfly Dragon Siso
Dragon Siso Juggle

Oh, and Blurry Reverse Whirl. What is unique about this is that I stumbled upon it trying to end in Siso. Just stumbled on it.

Music: "Sweetest Little Feeling MIX" by Matt Cross