Monday, April 26, 2010

Practice is the mother of innovation in footbag freestyle, Muted (Solo) & Zoid (Rooted)

I practice everyday, and this I believe leads me to innovation in such a natural fluid process that it seems to happen frequently!  I'm very happy about this.

Over the past few days, I've been practicing some concepts that are new to me. Someone told me that one of these concepts was "Muted" but I don't think he was correct after looking at other videos on youtube that mention Muted tricks.

What I have been doing is best described as: "Landing and catching at the same time on the same foot ending a trick" which I would rather call "Solo" or "Soloing" as verb.

I hit Gyro Muted (Solo) DLO and Phobic Muted (Solo) Mirage and tons of other muted (Solo) family members.

I also combined Zoid sets (otherwise may be known as Rooted) with Muted (solo) tricks, on youtube.

Another day, another shred... maybe for most people, but today I definitely innovated!

I love the sport of footbag freestyle!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sometimes clothing determines content for a Footbag freestyle session

Today I forgot to bring shred shorts to Alex's TKD tourney, so I had to shred in board shorts. It's not devastating, but it is a departure from my normal strategy of doing anything I damn well feel like doing. Not to mention that I am playing in public so I have to do longer strings.

Playing in long shorts keeps me from doing most tricks from the ripwalk family so alot of my bread and butter moves get blocked because the area that represents the upward path the Footbag has to take is clogged with fabric.

Today in addition to hitting some nice strings I rehashed an old concept... To set tricks with little mini pendulums. I have done this with many trix in the past, osis, torques and DLO's, and today I added swirl to the mix. Sweet.

Shred notes: 4/25/10
long rake strings, pendulum set swirl. Yesterday I hit Muted Gyro DLO and Muted phobic mirage on tape, film will be on YouTube tonight or tomorrow AM.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Near-innovation! New for me...

After another week of cool temperatures. Making the call between kicking at the low end of my temperature spectrum outdoors, or kicking in the double secret location which is temperature controlled but limited on space and has slippery floors. The results were mixed, but when I did go outdoors yesterday I stumbled on a concept that I had never tried before called "Muted."

Of course, I thought I had innovated again, but in the back of my head I thought I had heard of this before. It is when you land and catch the trick on the same toe, no support leg. I hit Muted gyro mirage first, which led me to:
Muted Blur, Muted DLO both sides, and all kinds of tricks that I thought were innovations.

I did have one burst of freshness when I combined a Muted Blur with an immediate Zoid set butterfly. Now that I think about it, the ultimate would be a Zoid set trick ending in a Muted delay. I'll try that tomorrow. Today was 1220 days in a row shredding!

Shred notes: 4/23/10
I have been getting some great runs through the routine, very promising. Also have had some successes getting warm in the cold outdoors, against all odds.

-This is not your fathers' Hacky Sack!
Footbag Freestyle

Monday, April 19, 2010

The day of the duck!

Today I skooled Ducking related footbag freestyle tricks. I got warm and then started doing ducking butterflies and I decided to dedicate this session to ducking and diving, today was the day of the Duck! Glad I did.

I have been skooling my routine lately and I feel like I have been neglecting the 'pushing my game' part. And today, while skooling ducking tricks, innovation struck again. Well, I bet a few others have hit this, but not many. Zulu Paradox Symposium Whirl! That is L clipper set up past left ear, down over right ear and symposium paradox whirl in the remaining time ending on rt. clipper. The zulu makes the diving part happen quickly. I think I'll publish a video on this, gotta get it on video tomorrow then.

Shred notes: 4/19/10
Ducks, Zulu Paradox Symposium Whirl.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 50 degree threshold

My guideline for determining whether I should shred indoors or out, the temperature threshold is officially 50 degrees. If it is under 50 degrees fahrenheit, then I struggle to get warm. If it is right at 50 degrees and breezy, I reserve the right to go indoors, but for the most part anything over 50 degrees is good to play.

The temps this week have been crazy. 80 one day, 40 the next. My playtime happens usually pretty early, around 10 or 11am. Even on a nice spring day, it doesn't get really nice until later in the afternoon. I have had a few sweet 70 degree days lately with no wind and had some great sessions! I have also made some questionable judgement calls... in each case it was right at 50 degrees and breezy, but I had my Xootr ( is my new blog) with me and I felt it would be a waste to have brought it all the way to skool (work), and not use it during recess (lunch). In all cases, it took a bit longer to get warm and was uncomfortably chilly at first, but I got sufficiently sweaty and hit enough strings and pretty good runs through my routine for worlds. On Saturday, I went to the double-secret indoor location, as I just didn't feel like fighting the chilly wind and just-barely 50 degree temps.

I have played in so many different temperatures, I have come to the conclusion that 50 degrees is the magic number. If it is over 50 and not windy, I can shred outdoors no problem, under 50 and there better be a good reason I went outside. Some of these reasons might be that there were no other indoor options, a guest was in from out of town and we wanted to kick at a public location with pedestrian traffic or an outdoor tournament. Otherwise, for training purposes, I'll be indoors until it gets up over 50 degrees. My next big concern is sun exposure...

See ya!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The 'trick' to Pixie sets - Little tweaks reap huge benefits!

This week was a mixed bag of shredding in dusty hallways, and outdoors in windy and chilly air. I worked mostly on my routine, and having some great runs. I figure that until worlds, I'll be mostly working on my routine during the week, and skooling new tricks and flipside stuff on weekends.

I was in my living room doing my Sunday jam and decided to just do front-side tricks. I usually use a mix of clippers and toes to get warm, probably mostly clipper related moves. On Sunday though, I just worked frontside. During this session, it must be noted, took a little longer than usual to get sufficiently sweaty. While self-criticizing my right toe pixie set I realized that the reason I struggle with left pixie sets is the direction that my knee is pointing as I go into the setting motion.

Just about every trick requires mentally separating the concepts of 'set' and 'dex.' In other words, once you get the set out of the way, then it is time to do the dex and whether they require a spin before the dex, or immediate dexterity... they need to be thought of separately. The 'trick' to Pixie sets is that during the set part of the trick is to point your knee across your body as you perform the lifting motion. Simple.

Shred notes: 4/11/10
Plenty of training, nothing really noteworthy. Except mentioned above.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

1200 Days in a row shredding...

Today, coinciding with the release of a new touch screen device from a major electronics company, is my 1200th day in a row skooling footbag freestyle. There is some kind of holiday tomorrow too.

Have I gotten better? Yes, absolutely. Firstly, at my physical age, just a slight daily improvement without losing any ground is the minimum I could ask for... but I frequently hit new tricks, new for me and some of them for the first time ever. I really like being the first human being in the history of mankind to achieve something, I even like being among a small group of people who can do the same. Some days I shine, some days I struggle, but every day that I play keeps my body fine tuned and my mind energized. I love this sport. What more can I say?

Shred Notes: March 2010
I didn't post much during March, but a lot was happening. I have had these strange leg pains, seem to be finally going away. I sought out music that I can use for Worlds 2010 in August, and I found it. Thanks to Marcus from work, an accomplished break dancer, for introducing me to some of his favorites. I did not choose one of his songs for this routine, but it will get used. I have already listened to my the song I picked hundreds of times and have developed a rough outline of how I want the routine to flow. I have hit several new tricks this month too, Phobic DLO, Phobic spinning paradox whirl (in the sense that I set under left leg and dex with left leg after spinning, not set from a clipper) and Double spinning butterfly (almost on both sides, twice to left side).

I notice that I was making more blog entries in the winter, and now that I ride my xootr at breaks, I have to find another part of my day to do my blog entries. I have updated the look of the blog.

I also went through my old footbag t-shirt archive. I'm going to give away most of them to other players who might appreciate them, I've taken photos of all of them and I'm going to add the photos to a web gallery and add my notes to them.