Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Training daily pays off daily!

I learn little things about my game just about every day.  You might think that doing something every day might get boring, but it never does because I am always achieving little goals, stumbling upon new (new to me, and sometimes actually new) tricks and generally keeping me interested.  Playing freestyle footbag everyday gives me a clear baseline on the condition of my body, and allows me to push 'initiatives' like increasing the amount of frontside tricks that I perform.

During the week of Xmas I found my daily shreds of footbag freestyle to be a great diversion from the hectic pace at my place of work.  Peace of mind.  Really.  I also developed a little showcase trick into a legitimate set... Fairy X-body sole (same) is now being worked into being a set from just about any toe, and it flows like an osis but looks crazzzzzzy!  I have been skooling the hell out of X-Body Rake moves, and after watching Evan Gatesman, I realized that indeed Rakes don't 'need' to end in a scooping toe dex, they can end more directly underneath the balance center, and do dex tricks out of them.  Thanks Evan for that insight.  I suppose I 'knew' that already, but seeing someone do it effectively and mid-string even... very nice.  Now I can do it too.

See ya!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Low light shredding ain't so bad...

I got used to it.  I just came to the realization that I am thankful for the great lighting I usually have available to me for shredding.  I pretty much don't worry about it.  Ever.  Well that's not true, it factors into my 'perception' of what is possible, so in a sense my perceptions are limiting me here.

Today, Valeria fell asleep on the couch right next to my living room shred zone, so I had to keep the lights low, and I tweaked my workout towards the quieter tricks today.  Lots of juggling and unusual surfaces and short fun stuff.  After about 10 minutes, the low light scenario didn't factor into my decisions at all.  I got through my warm-ups, and I immediately ran into a personal innovation... Fairy same blender.  Probably because yesterday I obsessed on double dyno style moves.  So I pulled a fairy set and thought, why not go for a whirl or a blender with the same leg as the fairy dex, of which I hit both on both sides, within minutes of stumbling upon it..  What is the name of Fairy same-leg same-side Blender?  And Fairy same-leg same-side Whirl?  I'll film them tomorrow.  I've hit Fairy-Phobic-(other leg) Blender and posted it to youtube recently, but this easier stuff is new to me.  

I also skooled a pattern that is juggle-juggle-juggle, seamless (out) Fairy DLO, to seamless (in) pixie DLO, juggle-juggle-juggle, repeat... I'll also film this tomorrow.

The moral of this story?  "Beware of perceptions, particularly those that limit belief.  Possibility is still unlimited, it is my mind that stops me most of the time."

Best regards,

Shred notes: See above.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Single tricks from recent days... freestyle footbag...

I have been focusing recently on single tricks.  Actually more like obsessing.  I am transitioning to long string training starting today.  Here are my recent results.  I'd like to hear feedback on the Pixie (same) Twirl...

Pixie Same Twirl & Stepping Same Twirl

Atomic same Whirl