Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adidas Rod Laver Prime Knit Review

Good news!  The Prime Knit has come and gone, and it was a total FAIL!
Check out the newest version of the Rod Laver shoe that has "PU Insole" and "Rubber Outsole" but NOT Gum Rubber!  I don't have the cash to get these right now, but let me know your comments if you get them!  http://www.adidas.com/us/rod-laver-super-shoes/BB8562.html

I was so busy in life that I could not post a review of the Prime Knits while they were still available, but I hope no one bought them but me!  The only pair of Adidas Rod Laver shoes I have ever regretted purchasing had gum rubber soles.  These Prime Knit Rod Laver shoes were somehow worse.  I'm glad they already discontinued this version.  Bottom line, they were still heavy and my foot slipped around in them, no matter how tightly I tied the laces.  The fabric was so flimsy that even the eyeholes bunched up on each other.  I can use these for casual use only.  NOT for footbag, and I'm sure the dancers won't like these either.

I still don't have the time to write up a proper review, but here is a summary of what I wrote while I was wearing them...

Old poly size 10. 337g.  No insole
New PrimeKnit 10. 374g
First impression.
Nice look.  Tongue has 'teeth' at the top.  Sidewalls need not be separated and removed. InSole is easy to replace. Gum rubber sole doesn't seem as heavy duty and thick as bad gum rubber sole.  Seems like hybrid. Under insole is nice knitted cover over the ugly holes that were under the old insoles.  No logo on white part of heel.  Easy to modify. The only two stitch removal's per shoe. No slice in tongue to keep tongue in place
First warm up. Noticing that the fabric makes kicking bouncier and I am concerned about catching being bouncy.  Outer flanges of the toe wall are so soft they become wavy under the stress of the laces and may need to be further modified.
They feel heavier. And the rubber soles are definitely stickier on hardwood floors.  Knitted tongue slips down word during regular shred.