Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Seamless juggling tricks should get an extra add

Catching a single Footbag on 1 foot equals one add. Juggling 2 footbags at once, even though you're really only touching one at a time, gets two ads. The second add is a Body add and is awarded for having two objects in play simultaneously.

Most people start their juggling tricks after a pause. Seamless juggling is done without a pause. There is Seamless-In, and Seamless-Out. That is to say, that a seamless trick happens as you enter a juggling sequence and/or as you exit a juggling sequence.

The most basic example, is the two bag toe juggle. Starting the traditional way requires a 1 add toe delay and a pause in the action. Seamless tricks still start mostly with toe delays but have the 'added element of difficulty' of throwing a second Footbag into play without any pause in the action. The most basic example of this is starting into a juggle from a kicking sequence.

When teaching Seamless juggle, I start with teaching the timing and accuracy of the hand toss by having students kick insides and go to opp toe delay and start to juggle from kicks, not from toe delay. Once the timing and hand toss are more familiar, then we start integrating more difficult first tricks as the start tricks. The Add should be awarded as a Body Add for the integrated hand toss, and should be applied to the first trick leading into the juggle. That is Seamless-In.

Seamless-Out Happens as the player transitions back to 1 bag shredding. For instance, I'm 2-bag juggling on left toe and I grab Footbag from the air while doing a Phairy infinity with the bag in play (as opposed to another toe delay), is there an extra add there? I don't see it.

The really fun thing about Seamless-Out tricks is how confusing it looks when I integrate directly back to Seamless-In tricks. You will see examples in the links below.

I have been a bit obsessed about developing my Seamless skills lately. I've kept up with my high end game the whole time and Seamless tricks are part of most of my strings. They are more natural than ever before. Here are some of the recent Seamless Juggle videos I've published so far...

Starting from almost two years ago, here are the vids I've published featuring juggling...

August 2010 I published this test of the new camera I had gotten, and below is the result... I've been doing Seamless Juggling for at least 2 years now and I've brought all those videos together here:

That was the most recent Juggling related video I've made.  Now that Seamless Juggling is a reality, I am working to include Seamless tricks in almost every string.  I always carry a 2nd bag with me, as I can do seamless whenever I want.  I propose Seamless-In tricks should get another ad because it requires an additional element of difficulty in getting the timing right for the release of the 2nd footbag while the first footbag is still in play.

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