Friday, October 28, 2011

Closing one door opens another!

I was skooling my Quantums during a recent session.  I found a great tutorial by Matt Cross on youtube and was able to really get an understanding of it.  But after two days of intense skool, I ended up tweaking my knee in a weird way.  Today I noticed that when I turn into a spin with my right leg as the plant, I felt a shooting pain from the knee.

In order to still complete my 1773rd day in a row of shredding, I needed to divert the focus of the playtime to something that wasn't painful, and wouldn't jeopardize my knee in the long term.  I decided to 'close the door' on spinning for a day.  Which actually turned out to be a little more of a challenge than was apparent at the moment.  If you've seen my videos, spinning is a big part of my game.

As it turns out, when I close the door to one thing, it often opens the door to another.  It was a bigger challenge than I thought to 'not' spin in my play-time.  For a while, I flailed miserably.  I would do a big string of tricks without spinning, then inevitably, I would spin.  And I would feel a slight pain in my right knee.  After a while I got frustrated with all the spinning just happening, seemingly on its own, certainly without my conscious intent.  So I put the clamps on.  Every time a spin almost happened, I caught the footbag.  It was creating shorter strings, but forced me to NOT spin.

And so it went.  I worked on some specific mini-strings.  Blur to LegBeater (atomic butterfly), and I eventually hit two continuous cycles on both sides, but not in the same string.  I did a lot of blurry whirl and paradox whirl and tomahawk sequences.  I hit Tomahawk to Blurry Whirl on both sides too.  The biggest thing I hit was Nuclear paradox reverse drifter on my left side (nuclear implies 'reverse drifter' to the initiated).

All in all, I was able to pull off a high-quality training session, hit some long-lost tricks.  I really sharpened my blades on LegBeater - Blur sequence on both sides and that felt great.  As usual, I had a blast playing today, as I do every day.

Thanks for all your support!