Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check out my youtube playlists of freestyle footbag videos...

The reason for this post was to let you know that I have reorganized my 100 youtube videos into playlists, located at my channel:
and click on the Playlists option.
See videos in the following categories:
-Competition Videos (23)
-Contest Videos (8)
-Doubles Freestyle
-Footbag in the News 
-Lunch Shred Videos (46)
-Promo Videos (17)
-Youth Outreach
More categories forthcoming...

Happy St. Patricks Day!  I was shredding that day and made a quick little video on my phone, but when I published it to youtube, I selected 'private' and so no one saw my video.   Honestly, the phone app failed 5 times before it published, so I had to retype, on the phone, all of the details each time, even with copy and paste, it took forever.  Frustrating.  Now it is up, and ready to view...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Setting from Dragon tricks... how does he do it?

I have to wonder how Jonathan Schneider sets from Dragon tricks.  He keeps the footbag on the cross-body side, but every time I try it, the set doesn't go up so much as hits my body and uncontrollably falls to the ground.  No video today of the dragon work, but I'm skooling the hell out of them.  Except I tend to spin 'out' of the catch, so I wonder sometimes if my Dragon's aren't really just outside catches.  I'll do some filming next week.

Today I was going to take it easy, no high-impact, no big twists, as I did tweak my upper back and neck area from those Stomping Spyro Slalom tricks from yesterday.  But then it turned out that all I did was twisty tricks like Dragons.  Ironically, I thought I was innovating yesterday, but I had done that trick, and published it on youtube back in January.  So all it took was 2 months to forget a new trick.  Glad I ran into it again.  Check out my video from yesterday...

Now check out the one from a couple of months ago...