Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stimpy Concept - Freestyle Footbag evolves steadily...

Stimpy Concept.  New from Enlightener.

A Concept is something that applies to many possible tricks, making them unique.  Symposium, Paradox, Atomic and Nuclear are all Concepts.  The Stimpy Concept applies when the following conditions are met... When you Leap, Dex, Land AND Catch the footbag with the same foot.  So far I have hit 4 tricks that are Stimpy.  They are in the video below.  Mostly variations on Double Leg Over.


Shred Notes:  Have had a burst of creativity lately.  Hit what I think is Spinning Symposium Swiveling Osis?  I have near-hits on film.  Other strange tricks like: Nuclear inspinning mirage/torque, I have scratched the back of my leg up pretty good trying this one.  Took today off.  Gotta look at my camera and see if any of this stuff is worth publishing.  cant wait until spring weather, getting outdoors and in the sun and really start back into long strings.  Hallway shredding on polished concrete is getting old.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Footbag Unions - I miss ISUFU

Remember the ISUFU?

It was an official Footbag Club of the Illinois State University.  And it had the best t-shirts ever, because they always emphasize the FU part.

Every college student should create a club at their school called, for instance, MSUFU.  Where the school's call letters are followed by FU which is a double entendre for Footbag Union and/or Fuck You.  Which I think is just edgy and disrespectful enough for todays college footbag enthusiasts.  They don't even have to register their FU with the school, although that gives them some benefits, it also creates some paperwork.  In the case of ISUFU, Scott Cheno the President actually did make it an official club at the school, and he used those privileges to do philanthropic work.  I remember going to an all night kick-a-thon at ISU where we raised money for the AHA.  It was a blast to go to, and I was honored to be a part of it.

This club was active in the late 90's.  Lets get more Footbag Unions at colleges.  It makes for a great t-shirt too!

If anyone knows what happened to Scott Cheno, have him get in touch with me.