Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vote Today Only for Valeria and Scott Davidson in National TV Talent Contest

Footbag on national tv today at 9am central , please vote too!
Live with Regis and Kelly show (in Chicago, 9am on ch 9 WGN) is airing a talent contest, click on "Wild and Wacky Talent Contest" and then "Vote".... You'll have to vote for a hula hoop thing, then for 'fancy footwork' We were definitely on today.
Please go online, watch and vote... Today only-you can win a daily $1000 cash prize, and we could win $30k.
Post it to your facebook status!


They put us up against lame talents. We must win the category as a matter of pride! Vote and u can win $1000 (per day). Maybe toe whistler dude has tons of friends, we don't know. So vote in force! Thanks to those who have voted already, please paste this to your status or tag me. Wasn't Valeria awesome?



Sunday, August 22, 2010

BarFlakes and triple-dex blurs

I came across these tricks that I have visited before, but never got on tape or even discussed them that I can remember.  The Barfly has always been a challenge for me to do solidly, and I have been working on them for literally 20 years now.  I've been doing a lot of Rakes lately, especially cross-body Rakes.  This past week, my peanut butter got into my chocolate and I brought Barfly together with Cross Body Rake and made a BarFlake.  I know this has another street name, as I know it has been done before, but because I live in a vacuum I don't know what it is called.  I didn't stop there, I have also done versions starting with Fairy, Pixie, Stepping-opp, Stepping-same and spinning.  All on this film, and with slo-mo to reveal the thinness.  All kind of thin, they look good from above.  It is especially noticeable since I had to use an up-angle when I was filming.

I also hit a Blur that has an extra Symposium Mirage before the toe pickup.  Also in slo-mo.  It was suggested that this is a stepping paratoxic (backside symposium) blur, I don't know what to call it, which is why I put it online for peer review.

BarFlakes & Paratoxic Blur?       

Shred notes: 1st two weeks of August...
Played through my injury from last week of July, it is no longer effecting me at all, thank goodness.  I've been obsessed with these new tricks.  Been lucky with weather!  Totally lucky, like cloudy-icky mornings turning to sun literally as I arrive at the Mammoth Springs Training Center.  Mosquitos everywhere near the river, but not on the asphalt playing surface that I utilize.  I'm going to Funtastik and I have been getting some NICE run-thru's of my routine!  I'm gonna be ready again this year and I look forward to a great event!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation Freestyle Footbag Shreds - And a new trick concept

We couldn't make it to Worlds 2010.  We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to have a mini-vacation.  I got injured on the last Saturday of July and have still played everyday.  This video is my recovery video, it shows how the range of motion improved over the week of recovery.

Congratulations to Milan and Clavens and everyone who succeeded at Worlds 2010 this year!  Wish we could have been there.  This is what I was up to... This video includes the new trick concept outline for "Spotted Tricks"... I've been doing Spotted Osis on both sides for years, but never saw the potential... check out Spotted Mirage and Spotted Torque, both feel like Gyro versions of their tricks and involve lots of twisting.  Please ignore the music.

See ya!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Footbag Youth Outreach - WGN TV Kids Fair August 13, 6-9am

I've been on vacation for a week, but didn't miss a day of shredding.  Had somewhat exotic shred locations and got some film too, I'll publish a video to my "footbagenlightener" youtube channel later today from my phone.

This Friday we are a part of the WGN-TV Channel 9 (in Chicago area) Kids Fair and we'll be there for the 3 hours.  The broadcasters all come out and do live shots, they incorporate it into their news show and they are bound to get to us, so watch for us.

For more information:,0,6035345.story

See ya!

Shred Notes: Week of Aug 1-7, 2010
Was shredding with Valeria and practicing doubles when I crashed and burned from a collision with her legs.  I fell straight onto my lowerback bone and could barely walk the next day, but I got a good shred in because I found tricks that didn't hurt so much and I did lots of them.  I will post a videotape of my recovery over the week later today.  Still hurts a week later, but of course I'm already planning my shred for today.