Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Freestyle Footbag - Official Study - Log, Day 1 of study, 2728 in a row for me.

I am participating in a study of Freestyle Footbag athletes by a college student.  It is a 30 day study where we fill in logs of what we did that day and he analyzes the data for his report.

Here I am sharing my daily logs: This is the log from June 9th.  2728 Days in a row for me.


Nr. 1 
How long did you practice today?
 < 30 min
 30 – 60 min 
 60 – 90 min
 > 90 min
75 Minutes in Morning Shred
30 minutes in afternoon shred
Nr. 2
Did you practice alone or in a group?
 in a group (at least one more player)
Nr. 3
Where did you practice?
 inside (please specify, e.g. at home, gym etc.)
 outside (please specify, e.g. park, street etc.) 
Inside, living room
Nr. 4
Did you use music?

if yes
Please comment on how the music influenced your practice? 

Not today. Had TV news on in the background.
Nr. 5
Did you warm up in a specific way?
if yes
 footbag related (kicks, stalls etc.) 
 rope skipping
5 minute mini yoga practice mostly forward bends and breathing exercises.  Sitting stretches especially the ‘giant inside’ cradle.  Holding up the wall stretch for the calves.  Then 10 infinity, 10 osis, 10 whirl/osis combo, 10 rip walks, 10 paradox whirls.
Nr. 6.1
Did you focus on a certain aspect or did you set yourself a goal for today’s training session?
if yes
 tricks / group of tricks / concept
 forms of competition
 focus / goal developed while practicing
Today I worked on linking to 5 add tricks.  For instance, Spinning Butterfly to Blurry Whirl BSOS.  Blurry Whirl seamless juggles and Blurry torque to a seamless toe-pickup juggle.  Spinning Whirls to spinning miraging seamless juggle.  Mobius BSOS.  I’ve added Symposium tricks back into my daily rotation.  Mostly versions of Symposium Whirls.
Nr. 6.2
What did you do in detail to achieve your goal?
 a lot of repetitions 
 variations of tricks, drills,   
     specific motion sequences etc.
 integration in runs (e.g. drills, 
     tricks,  motion sequences etc.)

 like in a competition (e.g. only 3/5/7 attempts or 
      routine only ones etc.)
 divide tricks in its elements and then put them 
I come up with a goal, which could be a single trick or could be a combo, and I drill it until I get it controlled 3 times consecutively.  If I blow it on the 3rd consecutive attempt, I restart the count.  I also try to free flow and create new links between moves I’ve never linked before.
Nr. 7
Did you visualize / imagine certain motion sequences before executing them?
if yes 
Please comment on what you did or what came to your mind specifically.
It is always necessary to visualize ‘economy of motion’ and to dream of uncharted territory.
Nr. 8
Did you record yourself with a video device while practicing?

if yes
Did you replay certain sequences immediately afterwards in order to watch and analyze yourself?

When shredding indoors, I rarely record video.
Nr. 9
If you practiced in a group: Did you ask the others for advice? 
if yes
Please comment on what you asked specifically and what you wanted to achieve.
Nr. 10
If you practiced in a group: When watching the other players, what did you focus on?

 combinations / links

Connecting question
Did the observation bring you closer to your own focus / goal of the training session?


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