Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zippers are Cross-Body toes...

I've been dabbling with cross-body toe delays for a long time.  Only recently did I start hitting them consistently, and only after I had all but gave up on them.  It was a balance and timing thing.

Now after practicing them even more, which always causes some kind of unusual soreness when I try new trick categories, I have uncovered at least 5 iterations of it, and Zippers keep getting better.

In this recent video, I explored Zippers for the first time and showed Reverse Swirling Zipper and Phairy (fairy) Butterfly Zipper.  Since this video, I have hit Blender Zipper, ToeSis (Zipper from op side/behind) and Spinning ToeSis.  I am close to Blurry Zipper and Pixie Opp Zipper.

Today was day 2521 in a row shredding.

Thanks for watching!

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