Sunday, September 29, 2013

iPhone 5s vs. GoPro Hero3 - Hyper and Pulse Sets - Footbag Freestyle in ...

Yesterday I filmed a new trick on the roof of Mammoth Springs Footbag Training Center.  I filmed simultaneously on an iPhone 5s and a GoPro Hero3 from 90 degree opposing angles.

The new trick is called "Pulsing" and it is a symposium dexing set.  It could also be called Up-Rooted Pixie set.  I show it here to a DLO and a far osis.

I use side-by-side slow motion comparisons of it.  The video also has the Hyper set in it... with several iterations.

I hope to link this closely to a Rooted trick, for instance Rooted Blur directly to Hyper or Pulsing DLO or osis.

This was filmed on day 2474 in a row of playing footbag freestyle (at an extreme level) shred.  In my 2nd session of the day.

Thanks for watching!

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