Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don't forget to breathe when you shred freestyle footbag!

I play every day.  Today was 2234 in a row. This morning, I was shredding in my living room and I noticed that I was breathing only through my nose when I shred.  And once I got a little winded, I asked myself... "Would I be able to maintain longer strings if I were getting more oxygen, by breathing through my mouth rather than my nose?"

I know that one challenge that Josh 'Chizzler' Casey had back when he was shredding was that he would take a deep breath as he started a string, and he would hold it.  He wasn't breathing when he was shredding.  This made his string lengths shorter, and he had a hard time getting past 10 tricks in a row.

When I am in the zone, I don't have time to think about breathing, all my processing power is being used.  When I was trying to discover if I have been breathing properly, it took several strings of drills until I was sure I am breathing when I'm shredding.  As it turns out, I breathe fine, but only through my nose.  Something happens when I start to shred where my throat closes up, and only the nose can be used. It is natural.

So while trying to stay focused on new tricks like Atomic same Eclipse, which I first did yesterday, and others like Atomic Clipper Seamless juggle which I came across last week... I was trying to focus on breathing through my mouth.

The Verdict:
When I'm shredding, I am perfectly fine sticking with my nose-breathing, it provides plenty of oxygen.  When I did long strings and breathed through my mouth, I sometimes almost felt dizzy from, is it possible... too much oxygen?  Now that I know I breathe fine, I'll stick with breathing through my nose when I shred.  One less thing to think about.

Don't forget to breathe!

The bottom line:
It doesn't matter how you breathe, just be thankful you are breathing!

Please enjoy my Atomic Clipper Seamless Juggle video below:

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