Thursday, November 15, 2012

Overdoing it?

As of today, I've been playing every day for 2157 days in a row. Some people wonder if I'm overdoing it. Do I give myself enough time to rest? I think so, yes, I rest enough. No, I'm not overdoing it by playing every day! Everyone should exercise every day!

Recently though, with my later work schedule, I've been training in the mornings for over an hour and a half a day along with afternoon workouts weather permitting. I'm afraid that all this extra activity may have a negative effect on my ability to continue to play every day.

I am going to remain satisfied with my morning workouts, even though it hurts me in the sense that it's difficult to play in the evenings, when I'm used to working out early in the morning. That guarantees me a minimum hour and a half jam session every single day. I'm going to stop doing my lunchtime/recess workouts, as I'm starting to feel some pain in my left knee, my upper back (probably from too much twisting), and pain in general. I'm also very exhausted when I get home from work after three hours or so of training in a day.

So I'm still playing every day, but I won't be able to film as often because my house is a mess and it's difficult to film in there. I look forward to getting back to double workouts, when it's not so stressful on my body.

I've Posted a lot of videos recently. I got one or two more in the pipe. And that might be it for a while.

Play everyday!

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